Week 1 Dev Log


It has already been a week since I began remaking Primogeniture.  I am happy to announce development has been running excellent all week!

This development log adds the download for the Pre-Alpha version 1.0 of the game. 

Here's what this version adds...

  • Player Movement
    • The player can move around as expected with WASD.
    • Pressing "J" will toggle the player's jet pack and allow them to travel through the air.
      • Use "Space" and "Left Shift" to fly up/down
  • Inventory
    • Simple scalable inventory system. Currently has only 3 slots as proof of concept.
    • Toggle inventory with "Tab"
    • Items can be dropped by clicking on the item name in the inventory.
    • Items can be picked up by right-clicking on them
  • Building System
    • Following the original game, the world will start with a single platform for the player to build off of.
    • Right-click on a build node(Blue cube) to build a platform in its location.
    • Building a new platform has no cost.
  • Particle System
    • Following the original game, particles will initialize in random positions.
    • Unlike the original version. particles will only initialize inside the area of a particle cloud.
      • Pre-Alpha version 1.0 has one particle cloud near the player's starting point as a proof of concept
    • These are the base particles that can initialize indie of a particle cloud
      • Protons
      • Neutron
      • Electrons
      • These particles will then combine into new particles based on these recipes
        Recipe Output# Protons Needed# Neutrons Needed# Electrons Needed
        Helium 2 2 2
        Hydrogen 1 1 0
        • Any leftover base particles can be picked up by the player.
  • Save/Load System
    • Any number of saves can exist at once.
    • Save name must be defined before creating a new game.
    • Starting a new game with the name of another save will overite the old save.
    • Select a saved game from the dropdown to load in that save.

Player Character


Build System

Particle Cloud


Premogeniture Pre-Alpha 1.0.rar 14 MB
Mar 17, 2021

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